‘Stop Predatory Gambling,’ MDHHS warn about gambling addiction, Powerball jackpot fever

(WLUC) – As we keep hearing about a massive lottery jackpot getting bigger, it’s important to remember, gambling can be addictive.

Stop Predatory Gambling National Director Les Bernal says a major prize comes at the expense of everyone else.

“All that represents is like a single act of a massive transfer of wealth. everyone else loses all this money,” said Bernal.

The odds of winning the Powerball Jackpot are an abysmal one-in-292.2 million. The longer you participate, the more money you will lose. Bernal says lottery games target low-income African American people.

“The only way that you can keep the revenue for the state is by adding more and more extreme forms of gambling,” said Bernal. “Some states are turning to games like 100-dollar scratch tickets now in communities where people make the minimum wage of seven dollars and 25 cents an hour.”

Gambling now impacts more middle- and upper-income families because of the rise of online gaming, like sports betting. The state health department has a gambling hotline, and the 24/7 hotline number is 1-800-270-7117.

“You are offered up to 12 sessions of gambling disorder treatment with the clinician they will help you develop a recovery plan, and help you identify your association with gambling. give you a better understanding of their gambling activity and understand why is problematic for you,” said MDHHS Gambling Disorder Program Specialist Alia Lucas.

Both agencies have the same main goal which is to stop predatory gambling. Both also say gambling, however, can be a fun thing to do but only in moderation. For more information click here.

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